Art Basel Hong Kong; presented by Silverlens
Booth 1D05, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong
27 March – 31 March 2019
Exhibiting: LOUVRE (2019)

An Opera for Animals
Curated by
Para Site, Wing Wah Industrial Building, Hong Kong
23 March – 9 June 2019
Exhibiting: Sulu Stories: The Ch’i-lin of Calauit (2005), Kerbau (2007)

Through Rose-Coloured Glasses
Curated by Anna Kern
NorthPark Center, Dallas, USA
26 January – 10 March 2019
Exhibiting: Through Rose-Coloured Glasses (2019)

State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters; Asian Film Archive, Singapore
Curated by Kathleen Ditzig
11 Kampung Bugis & National Library Building Plaza
25 January – 24 February 2019
Exhibiting: Like the Banana Tree at the Gate; An Essay of Hauntings: The Fragrant Dance; Ghost in the Banana Tree; Landscape; Like the Banana Tree at the Gate exhibition poster (2016)

Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas; presented by Silverlens
Booth E03, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, Taiwan
17 January – 20 January 2019
Exhibiting: MEJA (2018)

Rethinking Editions
Curated by Sharmin Parameswaran
OUR Art Projects, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6 January – 15 January 2019
Exhibiting: SAYANG (2018)