Away from the Long Night >> installation view
Mind Set Art Center (MSAC), Taipei
5th – 31st December 2014
Exhibiting: “In the dark dark heavy dark night I was listening to the secret sounds of the earth and I heard you and your sweat became that of fear didn’t it in the dark dark heavy dark”

Paris Photo presented by Silverlens
13th – 16th November 2014
Exhibiting: “Orang Besar series: YB”

Art Taipei 2014 presented by Mind Set Art Center (MSAC)
October 31st – November 3rd 2014
Exhibiting: “Rasa sayang”

Afterimage: Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia
Curated by Sam I-Shan and Alexander Supartono
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
3 October 2014 – 8 February 2015
Exhibiting: “The sun will rise in the East and deliver us from this long night”

Daegu Photo Biennale 2014: Origins, Memories & Parodies
Curated by Alejandro Castellote
Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu, South Korea
12 September – 19 October 2014
Exhibiting: The Orang Besar Series: Kain Panjang with Parasitic Kepala, Carnivorous Kepala, Petulant Kepala

THE ROVING EYE: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia
Curated by Iola Lenzi
ARTER – space for art
Istanbul, Turkey
18 September 2014 – 4 January 2015
Exhibiting: “Picturing Power” & “The Orang Besar Series: YB”

Tabled by YEE I-LANN, a Solo Exhibition >> installation view
Silverlens, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
1 August – 7 September 2014
Exhibiting: “Tabled”, “Picturing Power”, “The Orang Besar Series: YB”, “Study of Lamprey’s Malayan Male I & II”, “Kerbau”

Pertumpuan: Senusa Sejiwa
Curated by Shireen Naziree
Sarawak Art Museum, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
19 June – 24 August 2014
Exhibiting: “Kinabalu Series”

Curators’ Series #7. A Special Arrow Was Shot In The Neck… >> installation view
Curated by Natasha Ginwala and Vivian Ziherl
David Roberts Art Foundation, London, United Kingdom
13 June – 2 August 2014
Exhibiting: “The Orang Besar Series: Empires of Privateers and Their Glorious Ventures”

The Good Malaysian Woman: Ethnicity, Religion, Politics
Curated by Sharmin Parameswaran and Sunitha Janamohanan
Black Box, MapKL Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18 – 25 May 2014
Exhibiting: “Picturing Power”

Art Basel Hong Kong, presented by Silverlens, Hong Kong >> installation view
15 – 18 May 2014
Exhibiting: “Picturing Power”

Picturing Power: Yee I-Lann >> installation view
Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York
27 February – 12 April 2014
Exhibiting: “Tabled”, “Picturing Power”, “The sun will rise in the East and deliver us from this long night”, “Study of Lamprey’s Malayan Male I & II”, “Horizon”

Finding your place in the world: Asian Photomedia
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
25 February – 20 July 2014
Exhibiting: “The Orang Besar Series: A Rousing Account of Migration In The Language Of The Sea”

Singapore Biennale 2013
Singapore Art Museum and other venues
26 Oct 2013 – 16 Feb 2014
Co-Curator Malaysia

Suspended Histories
Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5 Oct 2013 – Jan 2014
Exhibiting: “TABLED”


Unpack-Repack: A Tribute to Ismail Hashim
Organised by: Fergana Art
Public Talk

Set Decorator: ‘Indian Summers’ TV Series
March – June 2014
New Pictures & Biscuit Films
a Channel 4 (UK) & PBS (US) co-production